How to accept instances of broken words

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To accept instances of broken words requires maturity and understanding on the part of the person who has been stood up. There may be many reasons why someone breaks an agreement with you or why you need to break your agreement with someone. It is of paramount importance to not jump to conclusions when such instances happen and allow the other person to explain themselves fully before condemning them. In the same way be ready to make your peace with the other person when you are unable to keep your word. Follow these guidelines to help you.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, remember that keeping your word is sacred, even the promises that you make to yourself, so do not commit yourself lightly.
  2. Try to keep your word to the utmost possible. And be ready to face the situation when you were not able to keep your word and acknowledge it.
  3. Look the other person in the eye and tell them that you were unable to do such and such thing and why you were unable to do it.
  4. If the other person did not keep his/ her word and also does not come forward to accept it, do not reproach them with harsh words. Instead ask them politely what the matter was.
  5. Every time that you need to break your word, renew your commitment to keep it next time and work and strive hard to do so.


  • Believe in the results but also take responsibility for the consequences. If expenses have been incurred and money has been wasted then accept the responsibility.
  • Remember that all successful people keep their promises and their word. That is why they are where they are.


  • Don’t react negatively if the person on the receiving end of your promise loses his/ her temper with you for not keeping your word.