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A Housewife or a homemaker is a term used for a person who stays at home to look after the house and kids while the partner goes out to earn money. Traditionally, it is a term that is used for women but in recent years it has been used for either of the partners, man or woman. In fact, stay at home moms or stay at home dads are the order of the day.

Economics of homemakers

It is often seen that the partner who does not work outside is generally dependent on the other partner financially and such relationships are termed as single income families. The fact that if the other person also worked outside would mean extra cost – in terms of housework and child care and other additional expenses – are never taken into account.

Modern homemaker – man

There has been a subtle but a clear change in the psyche of the modern western male in the past two decades. Although in the traditional societies a stay at home dad is still frowned upon, in the west the idea that the more successful partner should go out to work while the other stays at home to look after the kids and home is slowly taking root. The reason for the change is that women are now in high paying jobs; since sometimes they earn more than their partners it makes practical sense for them to work. Then again, the stark boundaries between a man’s work and a woman’s work are slowly getting blurred making the role of a stay at home dad easier to be accepted as normal.

Modern homemaker – woman

A homemaker in today’s definition is not a woman who doesn't have a job apart from raising kids, keeping house and feeding a family. She is one who has made the choice – she is a woman who cares about raising kids, keeping house, feeding a family. Most women today are independent, successful, educated, professional and self-sufficient, and if such women want to stay at home instead of trying to go out to prove themselves as intelligent beings, then that is a decision which they have chosen to make.