Hostage (film)

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A cop, who escapes a botched hostage situation and career in Los Angeles, becomes a police chief in a peaceful suburb. A simple robbery within his jurisdiction turns into a hostage situation. The victim is involved in a criminal enterprise and his accomplices set-up the police chief in a hostage situation at his house to distract.


After a career ending disaster, a retired hostage negotiator, Jeff Talley(Bruce Willis)accepts a job as the Police Chief in the small town of Bristo Camino. When three teens attempt to rob a house, his fate comes back to haunt him.

Things get very ugly because this simple robbery turns into a hostage scenario. Walter Smith, an accountant(Kevin Pollak) and his two kids are home. This gets sticky because Walter has been a criminal accomplice for a cartel. He’s been laundering money off-shore for them. The feds want him because he’s agreed to release files and other incriminating evidence to them. The cartel is not lying down for this.

Meanwhile, Jeff is enjoying his peaceful life in the suburbs. He wants nothing to do with hostage situations. He gives authority to the Sheriff’s unit to handle the operation. The cartel doesn’t want Talley anywhere near that scenario. They ensure his distraction by taking Talley’s family hostage, hoping he’ll concentrate on his own family.

Talley learns that one of the hostages at Smith’s house is a serial killer who can cause mayhem if he’s not contained. Further, he must return home where his own family is at stake. It becomes clear that he has to question his ethics and confront his conscience.


Finally, Talley is forced to address his fear of failure in life threatening situations. History has repeated itself, and is coming at Talley in pairs. Talley is caught and must choose between two, volatile hostage matters. He must choose between his family and his duty to the community.