Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum is best known for her modeling in magazines and catalogs like Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. She now is an executive producer for Project Runway.


Heidi Klum has many careers she is a super model, actress, fashion designer, and an artist. She has had parts in Ella Enchanted, and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. On television she has had bit parts on Sex and the City and Spin City.


Today, Heidi Klum hosts the reality show Project Runway, which will be going into its third season this fall. Project Runway picks out the next up and coming fashion designer who will get money to start his or her own fashion line and receive a mentorship with Banana Republic’s design team. Heidi Klum is also a designer herself because she designs jewelry, bathing suits, and other fashions. She also loves to paint and her paintings have appeared in many art magazines and a museum. There is also a rose named after her that is pink in color.

Personal life

Heidi has a son named Henry who was born in September 2005 and a daughter named Leni, who was named after Heidi’s grandmother in May of 2003. She is married to Seal who is a British singer. They were married in Mexico and they also have a house in Mexico. Heidi’s signature piece of jewelry is a clover necklace.Klum, Heidi