Glory hunter

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A Glory Hunter is a derogatory term used to describe football fans who allegedly seek out successful teams to support. The term originates in England and is used as a form of mockery or banter towards football supporters who have changed allegiance or support a club with whom they have no geographical or personal links to.


The term surfaced during the early days of Premiership football in England, when matches became heavily televised and supporting teams from great distances away was no longer as difficult. A good number of modern day football fans adopt a second club who are far superior in terms of success and popularity than their own team. Ordinarily this team may be from one of the European leagues, like Spain, Italy or even Holland and Germany. These are teams that the supporter may never actually go and see, but may regularly follow through television or match reports. This form of support exploded in England when Italian football was first televised and English players like Paul Gascoigne and David Platt were featuring for top clubs like Lazio and Juventus.

Popular Teams

The two most popular teams in the current English game are probably Manchester United and Liverpool. Irrespective of recent successes the two teams generated huge support in England and all over the world with their individual periods of huge success, Liverpool’s coming in the late 70’s 1980’s and Manchester United’s primarily during the 1990’s. Both teams have been widely supported for years due to their decades of success, but that popularity exploded with the introduction of world-wide audiences through the medium of television. Clubs with a huge fan base enjoy immense financial rewards, allowing them to build upon or create new successes for themselves. Arsenal and Chelsea have also become modern day glory hunters team, due to their successes and high profile players.