Glamour (magazine)

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Glamour Magazine is a women’s magazine that is published by Conde Nast Publications.



Originally called Glamour of Hollywood, the magazine was founded in 1939.

At its inception, Glamour of Hollywood promised readers the “Hollywood way to fashion, beauty and charm” for a mere 15 cents.

Glamour Magazine is also known – and has gained extensive recognition – for a variety of firsts in the magazine industry: it is known for being the first magazine to put an African American woman on its cover; for being the first to extensively write about abortion rights (in fact, Glamour won a National Magazine Award in 1992 for its abortion coverage); and for being the first to address its female readers from the viewpoint of work outside of the home.

Cynthia Leive is the current editor in chief.


Glamour Magazine reaches a subscription audience of the United States of 1,411,061 readers and a newsstand distribution of 986,447, bringing its total circulation to more than 2,300,000 readers.

Each year it offers the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Award, which awards women of all walks of life: both public figures and personal heroes who have worked hard to make the world a better place for all women.


Glamour Magazine’s target reader is a woman aged 18-49.


Glamour’s mission statement says that it focuses on providing today’s new luxury consumer with inspirational and accessible style and shopping ideas. It contains coverage of current events related to beauty, fashion, health and relationships, not to mention women’s issues, work, money and law.