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A Generation loosely encompasses all the people living at the same time or all the people who are of approximately the same age. When the children of one population replace their parents, a new generation is said to be added. Generation may typically also refer to the interval during which the number of new individuals created is equal to the population size.

Sometimes the three tiers in a family tree – the grandfather to the son to the grandson are alive together and are called the three generations of the same family. Each generation is said to consist of approximately 25 years. Generation is also referred to the period of time required by an insect to complete its life cycle or to a group of genetically related organisms constituting a single step in the line of descent. The process by which organisms pass on their genes from generation to generation is called the theory of evolution.

Other connotations

Generation also means the process of producing electric energy by transforming other forms of energy as well as the amount of electric energy produced. Then again it is the stage of technological development or innovation; for example - the third generation of computers.

Today’s generation

The children of the baby boomers i.e. those born in the 70’s and the 80’s constitute today’s generation X (Xers). This generation claims to be like none other and takes pride in being unique. Some characteristics that most of them share across religions and regions are:

  1. they value individualism
  2. they are self-sufficient and do not trust
  3. they are wary of commitment
  4. they love change
  5. they believe in taking risks
  6. they have more pain and more anger
  7. they are less tolerant