Free vacation scam

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The "Vacation Fraud" is one of the longest running fraudulent scams. You are told to have won this amazing free vacation package or a luxurious cruise getaway for two. If not totally "free", these "travel agents" say that they can get you that dream vacation for a very cheap price.

Once again, your mother was right. As a matter of fact, she was right twice. First, nothing in life is free and secondly, if something appears excessively good to be real, it possibly is.


The travel Fraud Scam

One of the major and longest running frauds up until now is the Travel Fraud, where you or a loved one is told that they have been gifted a free holiday tour or a glamorous cruise tour. If not absolutely "without charge", these "agents" inform you that they can get you that wonderful getaway for a negligible price. At this point, you, not unlike many other honest citizens start considering "what can likely go badly?" Plenty, as it seems.

Let's merely start with the evident matters: you shall not get a free holiday. Granted, there are exceptional packages out there from trustworthy travel outfits that might be free, but err on the side of caution. The most common travel and vacation scams consist of the following:

Disappearing with your money

A tragic form of vacation fraud is notifying you that you've been booked on a glamorous vacation cruise tour at extremely low costs, but this is only for a "short time". You are subsequently asked to pay a "reservation fee" immediately and this is generally a big amount to reserve your place. It's just following payment that the "travel agent" notifies you that your travel dates are not available or, in a little time, will notify you that the package has already "expire". Then the "travel Agent" too vanishes, together with your money.

The Dubious Travel Firm Scam

You are called and are notified that you are getting a free vacation tour but you have to pay "fees" to book this opportunity. Then after you shell out these amounts, the "travel company" can not be contacted any further. Their contact line is disconnected and there is no means for you to obtain your payment.

The "Free travel vacation"

You fly the whole way to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Mexico, prepared to commence your holiday, but you discover that you are booked in a minor and dirty hostel with inedible dinners. If you check out, they notify you that you cancel your return ticket. So, either you decide to live in your dingy hotel or pay a dreadfully exaggerated charge to get out of it so you can stay in a decent hotel.

The "Flight Tickets Free" myth

In such a situation, they telephone you and tell you that you have won two air tickets to great areas like the Bahamas. What they do not tell you is that you must reserve your hotel and acquire your boarding from the firm that's distributing the tickets. If you hesitate and make calculations before you take on this "free ticket" proposal, you can easily calculate that the payments for food and lodging effortlessly makes up for the charge of the plane fare because costs have been so overstated.

The Time Share tactics

You are given a free vacation, but before you use it, you are made to sit through a session from a timeshare agent. Sometimes, you're not even told about the mandatory timeshare session before you reach your destination. Oftentimes, to get food fares and accommodation, individuals have been required to endure long lectures and land up being forced to sign documents that are also fake. In a few situations, when people try to leave, they have been subjected to bullying and other unscrupulous tactics from these sales agents.

Fraudulent Travel Discounts

You pay for a holiday card considering it will make your holiday little bit discounted, but then you understand that the card carries so many limitations that you are not able to receive the discounts you're supposed to. On the oher hand if you do obtain a discount, it's just removed from a "special charge" and as usual arrives at the same cost as everybody else is paying.

The "Become a Travel Agent" Scam

An agent suggests to you that you are better served being a travel agent since it helps you save a lot of money in a lengthy time period. As a travel agent, they say, you receive a large amount of discounts and freebies during the period you're on holiday. The fine print is, you are required to give them a "fee" to become an on-the-spot travel agent and as soon as you become one, you come to know that you are not able to get the freebies as your qualification are not approved by even a single travel authority.

Protect yourself

Guard yourself against these travel swindles by following your gut instinct and being distrustful. Don't be scared to say no and stress yourself when these "salesmen" become aggressive. Don’t ever provide your credit card number over the telephone in the name of "marking" your slot.

Buy tickets and trips only from authentic firms and by yourself, if doable and beware, offers from telephonic sales or phishing messages are more likely to be fraudulent scams.

If they provide you a time restriction, tell them that you need to think about it; being hurried is usually a sign of a scam. Before accepting the tour, go the distance – verify the hotel, the airline, the tour operator, etc. - and ensure they are associated with this offer at the charges the agent informs you they are.