Fortune (magazine)

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Fortune magazine was founded in 1930 by Henry Luce, a co-founder of Time Magazine. It was initially published monthly but is presently published biweekly. It is concerned with the entire field of business and has developed a reputation for its social conscience due mainly to its beginnings at the start of the Great Depression. The magazine is now owned by Time Warner and runs a website that is part f


Founded in 1930, four months after the onset of the depression this magazine provided America's first real business journal. The magazine was released at a time when the crash in Wall Street piqued a need for a magazine of this caliber. Most businessmen at this time were not socially conscious and in fact very boring and unexciting. The papers available at this time reflected this as they were only facts and statistics printed in black and white. Fortune magazine provided human interest articles based on the business field and combined this with a rich, colorful advertisement campaign and color photography included in its publications.

The recovery from the Wall Street crash was expected in a few months and when this did not happen the magazine published pieces that were a brand of muckraking. It was critical of politicians and its columns portrayed a social twinge. This however did not affect its popularity and the magazine was seen as a challenge to business while keeping its integrity in place. By 1937 the magazine had built a circulation of 460,000 and was bringing in respectable profits.


The magazine includes features on all areas of business. It encompasses people, trends, companies and ideas in modern business. It publishes research as well as ranked lists. Some lists include the Best Companies to Work For as well as business profiles that rank companies according to their gross revenue.