Facial toning

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Facial toning is a cosmetic procedure which is said to alter the contours of one’s face.


What it does

Facial toning is believed to alter facial contours and is said to reduce wrinkles. It is also known to reduce sagging and expression marks (like smile or frown lines) in one’s face.

It works by increasing the muscle tone and increasing facial volume (by encouraging muscular hypertrophy) and by preventing muscle loss as a result of aging.


Facial toning is accomplished by exercising the muscles in one’s face. There are two ways to accomplish this: by active exercising and passive exercising.

  • Active exercising is an action where one engages in a repetition of voluntary contractions of a variety of facial muscle groups, often engaging the use of a mirror. Those who engage in active exercising are4 advised to do some facial exercises each day for five to 10 minutes. The goal of the exercises is to keep facial muscles and skin tight.
  • Passive exercising uses direct skeletal muscle electro stimulation, where flat metal electrodes are smeared with a conductive gel and are placed on certain parts of one’s face. Then, an electro stimulation device generates waveforms. These waveforms prevent involuntary facial contractions.


In theory, facial toning is possible. However, the effectiveness of facial toning techniques is difficult to prove.

In some cases, facial toning may even be dangerous, especially when electrical stimulation occurs in close proximity to one’s eyes. Facial toning can result in chronic pain, neuritis, delayed onset muscle soreness and facial distortions as well as asymmetry.

Chemical toning

Some companies, such as DMAE, have created and marketed creams that are said to improve facial tone.

Other means

There are other ways to maintain an attractive facial tone. People are advised to avoid stress, drink lots of water, eat fruits and salads and practice yoga and other forms of mediation.