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Ezra was a prophet in the Old Testament. His name means “My help is god” and he is believed to be either the son or grandson of Seraiah. He is the author of the book of Ezra and I Chronicles in the Holy Bible.

Israel and Ezra

It is important to understand the history of the Israelites in part, so that Ezra’s role in her history would become more evident. The nation of Babylon had just battered the people of Israel. They left Israel’s land in ruins and hauled the people of Israel into exile. Some Jews back in Jerusalem were attempting to put the pieces of their nation back together. The road was very difficult and they needed help. Ezra became an integral part of Israel’s future at this point. He would be responsible for leading a group of Israelites, all of the leaders of Israel and family heads of Babylon, back to Jerusalem to assist in the rebuilding efforts. Artaxerxes Longimanus sent him with supplies and many blessings. He gathered the people of Israel together and made the journey back to Jerusalem. The entire trip took 4 months and a few days.

Returning to god

Upon Israel’s return to Jerusalem, Nehemiah, who was assisting Ezra at the time, rebuilt the ruined wall. All in Jerusalem gathered at the wall. Ezra and his assistants read the Torah out loud to the people. This brought the people of Israel back to great faith in god.

Ezra later found out that many of the leaders had intermingled with surrounding cities and sinned against god. They married outside of their culture or faith and were taking wives that weren’t willing to repent to serving the god of Israel. Ezra first brought it before god and went to confession before god on their behalf, then he called the leaders into repentance and to renounce what they had done to displease the Lord. Everyone was dealt with in turn and the people of Israel turned back to god.