Executive producer

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One role that is occupied in the entertainment industry is that of the executive producer. This is a term that is difficult to define because the attributes and powers of an executive producer vary from one production to the other. Depending on the industry the person is involved with we have different types of executive producers.

Music Industry

The music executive producer has varied actions he has to do. In most cases he is the one that decides the final aspect of a music album. This refers to everything from the album art used to what it includes. The executive producer can:

  • how many songs will be used out of the ones produced
  • decide the order of the songs on the album
  • will produce some tracks on the album (although not necessarily needed he usually produces some or all of the tracks in order to get a good image of how the album will sound)

Movie Industry

The executive producer involved in producing a movie will (in most cases) not be involved in any of the creative or technical parts of creating the motion picture. They will usually handle businesses and are involved in promoting the movie. People that have a big part in helping out the production (like a financial investor or a property owner that allowed filming in the area) will also receive the title of executive producers. One may also find “executive producers in charge of production”. They are only doing production and sometimes will not even know what the film is about until seeing it at the end.


A television production (especially if it is a big one) will sometimes have several executive producers. They can be people that are not involved in the show but can be financers, celebrities lending their name or owners of properties used. They get credited as executive producers without having done anything physical to promote it. One of the numerous executive producers will have more power then the others. In most cases that person is considered the “show runner”, although he is still credited with the title of executive producer. One show may have an endless number of executive producers but only a maximum of two show runners.