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When thinking about Erotica people are usually embarrassed or ashamed. However, some people view erotica as a beautiful art.

A description of erotica

The word erotica comes from the Greek word for love and involves art work that includes books, pictures, film, and sculptures. These things deal with arousal. Erotica also deals with sexual and is extremely sensual. In addition, it is aimed at the art world. Erotica is sometimes targeted at gay men and lesbians. There are writers, poets, and artists that focus on and specialize in erotica materials when they create their masterpieces.

Focus of Erotica

Erotica tends to be attached to material that has a strong emotional content and storylines with descriptions, conflicts, and characters. The difference between erotica and porn is an artistic difference. This means how Erotica is viewed morally, philosophically, and personally. It can also be talk about from a religious point of view. Porn deals with how sex is done and manufactured on television, film, and video.

Erotica seen as sex

Erotica has to do with human sexuality but it also has to do with the human body and the human psyche completely. Erotica does produce many physical and emotional responses in the people who seen it but it isn’t synonymous with pornography, romantic love, or trash and dirt. Sometimes, people can have massages that would fall under the category of Erotica.