Emin Pasha

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Mehemet Emin Pasha was a famous German explorer and doctor. He is best known for his capture and escape from Equatoria.


Mehemet Emin Pasha was born in 1840 as Eduard Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer to a middle-class Germano-Jewish family. His family then moved to Neisse and Emin Pasha was schooled as a medical doctor in Breslau, Konigsberg, and Berlin. Emin Pasha practiced medicine in Germany and later a quarantine officer in Albania.

In 1870, Emin Pasha went to work for Ismail Hakki Pasha, governor of northern Albania. Hakki Pasha died in 1873, and Emin Pasha took his family back to Neisse to him and adopted them as his own.

Emin Pasha then served under then-Governor of Equatoria Charles Gordon from 1876 to 1878. Emin Pasha seceded him as governor upon his death in 1878.

The Mahdist revolution of 1885 forced Emin Pasha into isolation. Sir Henry Morton Stanley, an American explorer, led a dangerous rescue expedition up the Congo River and through the Ituri Forest; two-thirds of his crew died along the way. In 1889, Stanley and Emin Pasha left the Sudan area.

After his escape, Emin Pasha joined the German service and led a mission to the Lake Tanganyika region. It was there that he was captured and killed by slave traders in 1892.


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