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The term dogging, used primarily in British popular culture, refers to engaging in sexual activity while in a semi-public place, usually a secluded car park, with the expectation of being watched.


The incidence of dogging has increased in the late 1990s and early 2000s due to the internet, which acts as a sort of meeting place for those interested in this particular form of promiscuity. The act itself involves two and often multiple partners with activities such as voyeurism and exhibitionism encouraged. Unfortunately, with this degree of promiscuity, the risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease is high.

Legal Issues

Depending on the jurisdiction, sexual activity in public, voyeurism and/or exhibitionism are considered illegal. In addition, situations have arisen in which unsuspecting couples enter a recognized “dogging area”, only to be harassed by others who assume they are participants in the activity. Police action has, on occasion, become necessary.


The culture involved in dogging has developed a specific etiquette. The flashing or interior or exterior car lights indicate the desire to become a participant. Leaving on the interior car lights indicate the expectation of being watched. Leaving the car window down means that a person is interested in being fondled by an outside participant.

While the concept of dogging is of British origin, the internet has led to some degree of international participation in this sexual fad.