Dog trick training

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Who said it's impossible to teach an old dog new tricks?

Sure you can! Of course, it's far simpler to teach a younger dog certainly, because he is not so set in his own ways and is willing to try new ideas, but any dog can learn a number of new tricks! It is not too hard to teach your grown up dog and it is enjoyable! Dog owners enjoy to see their dogs perform cool tricks on demand. It's just plain silly! And undoubtedly the dog is also having a great time too!

You 1st should verify that your dog is physically fit before you start some trick training. For example, its most likely not a great idea to try to train an obese dog to sit up. He might injure his back muscles, or maybe even injure his spine! Additionally, you need to to invest in the right chain slip collar in addition to a 7 foot leash leather. Make sure you don't use a metallic chain leash, since it could cut your hand. Your dog needs to comprehend his name, will come near you on command and know how to stay and sit. We will consider numerous easy-to-perform tricks here.

The famous dog handshake trick

One more easy-to-learn trick is shaking hands. Make your puppy or dog sit and stay keeping his collar and leash on and have a delicious snack. Using your right hand, lift up his right foreleg and say the command shake, while you shake his foreleg. Then immediatly give him the snack and lots of nice compliments. Given some time, all you will do is give the command shake, put in front of you your hand and he will do the trick automatically!

For the most part dogs seem to delight in giving their paws to the owners and they often catch on with ease. After he learns how to shake his right paw, teach him how to do a handshake with his other paw the same way using the command. This is a great and easy to teach trick.


The famous dog beg trick

A often-performed and probably most well known dog trick is to sit up beg. A small puppy should not taught this trick given the fact that his back muscles are still not mature. You should wait until the puppy is at the youngest 8 months old. It is much easier to teach that trick in a corner. Tell your dog to sit and to remain in place with his back right near the corner. Keep his leash and collar on him in case he makes an attempt to run away. Make certain the leash is not tight and then step on the leash to restrain him. Elevate his forelegs up using your hands, give the demand to sit up and then put his forelegs in your hand or on your left arm and dangle a favorite tasty snack in front of his nose with your available hand.

The corner walls will force him to stay straight. Reward his performance using the food and the duplicate the exercise some more times. When you come to the conclusion that he's ready, redo the exercise, but now take your hand or left arm away while still holding in place the treat directly above his nose and restating the order.

In time he will be sitting up without help! Keep doing it over and over and over again! Soon enough you will be able to have him site and beg in the middle of your living room!

These simple are very easy to teach your dog or puppy and you'll a great deal of satisfaction when he learns the tricks and you allow him to perform for to your family and friends. Pull out the collar and leash, some tidbits and start teaching your dog today? It's really good fun!