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Dishwalla had their claim to fame by the popularity of their single "Counting Blue Cars," this came from their album Per Your Friends. This was released in 1996 and has been their focus of popularity.

One Hit Wonder

They have been deemed by many as a one hit wonder due to their one single that has gained the fame that their other music has been lacking.

They have proven with each successive album and their tours that they still have a substantial following by their respective fans.

In 1999, their music was showcased on the movie Stir of Echoes, the song was Stay Awake. This was one of their better songs that was accepted with some appeal by the general public.

They also had member of the band appear in the series Charmed that is shown on WB. This wasn’t just one or two episodes, but a small number where they actually played minor roles in the series.

Death of A&M Records

With the death of A&M Records, the label that published Pet Your Friends and You Think You Know What Life’s about. Many viewed this demise as one of the factors that Dishwalla being viewed as a one hit wonder. Their music may have been one of the reasons the label went the way of the dodo.

They were often overlooked for the level of talent they had or the style that the imposed into the music industry. They were often viewed as a band that has outlived its shelf life. Whether this is true or not will be seen in the future.


They have released a number of albums with the intent of showing their level of talent. This was a big move on their part, but was something that they felt was needed to be done to show what they were truly about.