Desperate housewives

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Desperate Housewives is the hugely popular American drama/comedy, created by Marc Cherry. The show, which first aired in 2004 on American network ABC, became an instant favorite with critics and audiences alike. The series is set around four principle characters who live in the fictionalized setting of Wisteria Lane. The show features the everyday struggles of the housewives as they are subjected various non-routine events involving loved ones, partners and neighbors. The series combines a plethora of genres to create it’s uniquely successful blend, including comedy, satire, (melo)drama and mystery.


The pretext for the series is that the four housewives have a mutual friend who took her own life, but from the grave she has begun to spill the beans on their various activities and secrets. The idyllic suburban setting of Wisteria Lane proves to be the backdrop to lies, deceit, murder, sex and intrigue. The characters are acutely different but have location, profession and collective lust for scandal and rumor. Susan, Edie, Bree, Gabrielle and Lynette have become names synonymous with these larger than life housewives and have become inextricably linked to the show. The housewives each represent a different pigment of the standard housewife spectrum; Susan is the accident prone but caring character, Bree attempts to be the model housewife whilst struggling with teenagers and marriage, Gabrielle is the adulterating glamorous materialist, Lynette is the former executive struggling with her role as a mother and Edie is the siren temptress.

Housewives Scandal

However the scandal and adjudged immorality have caused controversy particularly amongst the religious sections of society. The principle characters have all found themselves committing at least one serious crime, which has appalled many. The portrayal of blatant and often calculated adultery has provided many religious and moral campaigners with sufficient cause for complaint. But despite moral complaints audiences still appear to be unrepentant in their enjoyment of the show, the devious underhandedness and immorality often supplying the show with its unusual character and humor.

Cultural Phenomenon

Desperate Housewives plucked success from the ignominious jaws of television disaster. Marc Cherry, the series’ creator found his initial pitch rejected by HBO, Showtime, NBC, Fox and CBS, who all saw no future in the flimsy plot lines and supposed weak scripts of the series. ABC decided to take on the show and were instantly rewarded with a major hit, their first for some time. From the outset it proved to be an immediate favorite with millions and even in its premiere show managed to top the ratings chart. It was a cultural phenomenon, even the phrase desperate housewives was used re-used and re-worded throughout the American media. Following hot on the heals of other genre busting programs portraying strong women like Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives has become one of the most viewed and discussed television shows worldwide. With two series of the show already completed, the Desperate Housewives maintained and even built upon their initial success, reaching vast audiences and making idols out of the shows stars.