Delia Smith

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Delia Smith is a chef who works and lives in England. Specifically, Delia Smith is a television chef that is known for her love of cooking and teaching skills in basic cooking. 333

Chef, author, and television personality

Delia is Britain’s best selling cook book author because she has sold more than 18,000,000 copies of her cookbooks. In 1969, Delia Smith became food wrier for the Daily Mirror with her first article which featured kipper pate, beef in beer, and cheesecake. In 1972, she started writing for London’s Evening Standard. She became famous in England when she taught cooking on a show called Family Fare from 1973-1975. Her How to cook series in 1998 reportedly led to a ten percent rise in the sale of eggs all over Britain. And she is also known for cooking with new ingredients like cranberries and for using new cookware such as an omelet pan made her cookbooks sell out overnight in some cases. Due to her fame her name has become sufficient to identify her to the public because doing a Delia has become the phrase used when people make one of her recipes. She was made an Officer of the British Empire in 1995.Delia Smith baked the cake that is on the front cover of the Rolling Stones record called Let It Bleed.

Delia’s other business

Un 2003, Delia announced her retirement from doing a television cooing show. She still writes cookbooks. Delia has developed other business interests such as holding an interest in the Norwich City Football Club which is also known as the Canaries. This is a joint business venture with her husband Michael. At football games, Delia Smith always wears a yellow and green scarf.


Here are some of Delia Smith’s cookbooks:

  • How to Cheat at Cooking.
  • One is Fun
  • Frugal Food
  • Delia Smith’s Book of Cakes
  • Delia Smith’s Christmas