Dave Matthews Band

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Dave Matthews Band is an American jam band from Charlottesville, Virginia. It was formed in 1991 by Dave Matthews (lead vocal and guitar), Stefan Lessard (bass), Leroi Moore (all around musician), Boyd Tinsley (violin), Carter Beauford (drums) and Peter Griesar (keyboards). Griesar left the band in 1993.


The Dave Matthews Band has released eight studio albums and eleven live concert albums. Their first hit however came in 1994 with the release of their fourth studio album Crash. It spawned numerous hits including Crash Into Me, ‘Tripping Billies, Two Step and the Grammy winning So Much to Say. It is, to date, their best selling album. Because of the bootleg market, the band released a recording of their concert in Colorado titled ‘Live at Red Rocks. It did well and subdued the band’s bootleg market. Before These Crowded Streets has been received as one of the best albums produced by the Dave Mathews Band. In 2001, studio sessions from 2000 began to leak on the internet. The material instantly became hits but the band scrapped the material. Later, on the album Busted Stuff, cleaned up versions of some of the songs were released. In 2005, the band released its latest Busted Stuff. This album was well received by both fans and press alike.

Jam band controversy

Many feel that the Dave Matthews band is not a true jam band. Improvisational solos do not solely quantify a band as a jam band. Instead, many put the band into the JamRock category, as it seems that they just extend the play of their songs to fill up the time allotted.