Dating agency

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A dating agency provides users the service of matchmaking. Dating agencies can be a traditional business where men and women are screened in person, or an Internet-based business where people register, submit a profile and interact through a Web site.

Who uses a dating agency?

Internationally, men from developed countries use international dating agencies to connect with mail-order brides, who usually come from countries like the Philippines, China, Russia and Ukraine.

Most people who employ the services of a dating agency do so for the express purpose of finding a potential mate for marriage; however, some may use a dating agency for more casual sex or to find a partner for short-term relationships.

What do dating agencies do?

Many agencies, whether online or in person, employ the use of matchmaking skills to determine whether a potential couple is a good match. In such instances, extensive profiles or questionnaires are filled out and compared to others in the database to determine a potential couple’s compatibility. Many people find a dating agency as a viable alternative to traditional methods of meeting a potential mate in that agencies can help narrow the field from millions of people looking to a handful of people they are most compatible with. By employing a dating agency, one also broadens the scope of his or her search; taking the luck out of meeting someone and putting a system in place to do so.

What services do dating agencies offer?

After the initial introduction, the services a dating agency provides can vary. Sometimes these services end when initial contact is established; in other occasions matchmakers and agencies provide guidance through the initial courtship process, or even attend the first few meetings of a couple to ease any awkwardness.