Dairy product

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A dairy product can generally be identified as food and drink products that are produced from milk. A plant milk products are made in is often called a dairy.

Dairy products

There are a variety of products made from milk, with many subproducts in each level. Products include:

  • Milk, which comes in several grades, including cream (the fat skimmed off the top), sour cream (cream that has been fermented by bacteria), crème fraiche (which is slightly fermented), cultured buttermilk, milk powder (skim milk, whole milk, cream, high milk-fat and cultured or confectionary), condensed milk (has been evaporated, thus condensed, and has had sugar added), evaporated milk, khoa and infant formula.
  • Butter, which is mostly milk fat and is produced by churning cream, mentioned above. It includes buttermilk, butter cream, ghee (clarified butter) and anhydrous milkfat.
  • Cheese, which is produced with coagulated milk that was separated from whey and allowed to ripen. Types include curds, whey, cottage cheese, cream cheese and fromage frais.
  • Casein, which includes caseinates, milk protein, whey protein, hydrolysates and mineral concentrates.
  • Yogurt, which is fermented by bacteria and includes ayran and lassi varieties.
  • Gelato.
  • Ice cream, including ice milk, frozen custard and frozen yogurt.
  • Other products like kumiss/airag, viili, kajmak, kephir, filmjolk and piima.

Development of dairy

Dairy was mainly developed in Europe, Africa and the Middle East since the people on these continents have been the most active in using cattle as their primary food source. It expanded to the rest of the world in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Is dairy just milk?

Some people consider eggs and milk products as part of the same group, and thus group them together under the “dairy” classification. Beef, although it comes from cows, is not considered a dairy product.

Typically, dairy products may be consumed by vegetarians, but are not consumed in a vegan diet.