Culture of Japan

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After remaining isolated for around 200 years the Japanese culture came to the notice of whole world then the American Commodore Perry was successful in establishing trade relations with Japan. Since then Japan and its Culture has been the centre of discussions both during the pre and post war era.

The Japanese culture has much of it owing to the Chinese and the Korean Cultures. Also many other cultures have contributed to the present day Japanese culture. Japanese people are shy but workaholic people. Their culture too is shy and a duty driven one. The minimum required standards of morality and behavior are not set by the Japanese Society, but is driven by a variety of factors that comprise the Japanese Society. Among others Family, Friends and Organization play a vital role in defining a minimum set of behavior and morality for the Japanese people. During the World War I and II, Japanese Society capitalized on this obligatory aspect to coax the youth to show their strength to the whole world. The youth were given regular doses of Patriotism to keep their warring attitude alive. Such a Patriotic feeling was treated as virtue in the Japanese Culture.

The Language

Japanese Language is an inseparable aspect of the Japanese culture. Basically derived from Ryukyuan Languages and a part of Japonic Language Family, the Japanese language has much of its owing in the refinement process from several other languages like Korean, Uralic, Chinese, Samoyedic languages, Finnish language and the Hungarian language languages. The Japanese writing system began in 400 CE when some Koreans who had a reasonable expertise in Chinese language coded their first letters. And as such one can easily mark out the similarity in the Chinese and Japanese Scripts. But, Japanese language has also been influenced by other European Languages.

In the Japanese Scripts there are 4 different writing systems:

  1. Kanji: These are picture based letters inherited from Chinese Language
  2. Hiragana & Katakana: These are the Syllabaries that were developed from Kanji.
  3. Romaji: These are Latin Alphabets used in writing Japanese.

The People

The people in Japan are shy and unlike in the west do not openly express feelings. But as times changing you can even find the western counterparts in Japan. Basically, Japanese people are workaholic and work day and night. Work in Japanese Society is given a prime importance. Those without work in Japanese culture are regarded as failures.

The Japanese have a special dress code. They wear Kimonos. Kimono means something that one wears. It is a traditional outfit. Kimonos are worn by all the Men, Women and Children. Hence, there are no such gender wise dressing restrictions in Japan.