Cucumber sandwich

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A cucumber sandwich has thinly sliced cucumbers and they are placed between two pieces of white bread that is shaped like triangles. The white bread used for cucumber sandwiches is generally lightly buttered.

Cucumber sandwiches preparation

The cucumber sandwich is considered a delicate food, so the bread is sliced very thin. The peel of the cucumber is either removed or sliced lengthwise. Then the cucumbers are dried on paper towels before they are used. The slices of white bread are buttered very carefully all the way up to the edges and the pieces of cucumbers are placed on the bread in order not to lose its freshness. Drops of lemon juice can be added to the cucumbers if desired. Cucumber sandwiches are served for a light snack with an afternoon tea. Sometimes, cucumber sandwiches are served as a part of the main meal and tea is always served with cucumber sandwiches. Also, cucumber sandwiches are served during the tea break at club cricket matches in England. In the United States, cucumber sandwiches are served at outdoor gatherings such as picnics in the summertime as appetizers

The cultural and historical aspect of the cucumbers

Cucumber sandwiches don’t have much protein so they are considered to be fulfilling as a full meal. It was a stereotype that cucumber sandwiches are an important part of afternoon tea in the United Kingdom. The cucumber sandwich has been associated with the Victorian era upper classes that were though to like to eat foods with very nutritive value. Some writers have tried to link a connection between the size of the cucumber sandwich and the perceived effeteness of the British royalty.