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The Courtier is an individual that attends upon someone. Because of this action he will receive a privileged position from a powerful person. In most cases that person is a head of state, with ancient Emperors having many courtiers. In the United States of America calling someone a courtier has gained another meaning, which is negative and is not considered a quality. It practically became a synonym with favorite or hanger-on. Individuals that are labeled as courtiers in some areas of USA will be hated by most people except the one that favors him because of the influence he/she might have upon him.

In a historical context the term courtier was used to describe the people that attended a luxurious autocrat. The most used example is that of Louis XIV of France. Nowadays the term is widely used in politics, especially by voters. People tend to categorize an individual by the man that supports him, thus becoming without will his courtier. Also, modern times bring in a confusion between courtiers and couriers. The second terms refers to an individual that delivers a package and has no connection with the first one. An interesting book that features courtiers is Baldassare Castiglione’s “The Book of the Courtier”, which features discussions between courtiers of the Duke of Urbino.