Copy (written)

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Written copy is the text of an article or advertisement. Copy is a distinguished component of a page layout, separate from images or overall design. It is verbal content.

On the Internet, copy often refers to strategic content: content designed for the purpose of informing web consumers while gaining higher page ranks on search engines. This is achieved by placing keywords and links in the text of a web page. A skilled web copywriter can place dozens of effective, repeated keywords on a page without creating the appearance of redundancy in the eyes of the reader.

In newspapers, magazines, and other forms of print media, copy is the text, separated from formatting. This is different from headlines, sidebars and other components, which are the responsibility of copy editors.

Copy is also a large component of the advertising industry. It is written with the intent of persuading readers to buy a particular product or service. Advertising copy is also targeted. An advertisement is usually created to appeal to a certain demographic group, based on age, income level, gender or ethnicity. As an example, an advertiser for a certain multivitamin may design its copy for middle-aged, middle class women.