Comfort zone

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A comfort zone is a kind of mental safety net within which one feels a sense of security. It is the result of mental conditioning and may cause the development of ways of thinking which are resistant to change. In a world which is constantly changing and thus our perception of our place in it must also be adjusted, the ability to adapt is important to psychological health. The Buddhist philosophy explains that such rigidness of thinking leads to attachment problems and aversion.

A comfort zone is formed when the idea of something is incongruent with what is actually happening, and so the individual feels ill at ease. This is what happens quite often with self image, which can be formed according to how one sees oneself or based on the opinion of others or how it is felt that others feel. Perhaps none of these is an accurate picture of the person but, nevertheless, a self image is formed. If the self image is incongruent with the reality of the person, it can be understood how this would create an uncomfortable state of being.