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Cleansers are used to help unclog fours and prevent skin conditions such as acne. There used to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and makeup. Many women use of cleanser wants or more times a day. In conjunction, they will use it with the toner and moisturizer.

Cleanser versus soap

Using the cleanser to remove dirt is considered to be better than a bar of soap or another form of skin cleanser that is not designed for the face. And here are the reasons why: a bar of soap has a high P. H. what this means is a self can change the balance present in scan to favor the overgrowth of various forms of bacteria, increasing the chances of acne. Using soap to remove dirt and grime on the face will also result in removing the natural oils on the face; this will cause the body to produce more oil. Which in turn, will increase the chances of acne?

Types of cleansers

Just like people have different skin types there also different types of cleansers. They're stronger cleansers for those with extra oily skin, this increases prevention of breakouts. Others may have extra dry skin which would require a lotion based cleanser, as long as it doesn't leave the skin feeling oily after use.

Basic instructions for using the cleanser

The face is first washed with water, and then the cleanser is rubbed on the face ID Lee all the way to the hairline. This will include the throat and eyelids, which is ideal for people who wear makeup. The faces watched again using hands to rinse away the cleanser, then the faces padded dry.