Cinderella Man

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During the early thirties, a punched-out boxer, who’s down on his luck, gets a break and fights the number two boxer in the world. And wins. His finances and family get another stroke of good fortune, when circumstances change and he fights the great boxer, Max Baer, and wins, again. A true story.


It’s the early depression, and a career ravaged boxer, James Braddock(Russell Crowe)is having a tough time paying bills, feeding and taking care of his family. He’s had some bad breaks and his boxing days are close to an end. He’s doing menial jobs and just about everything to make ends meet. He even had to accept welfare and financial assistance from others. His faith and finances have been pelted, but his spirit and his values remain high. Also, his hand has been permanently injured at this point.

Good luck swings in his direction, when another boxer cancels on a fight and his old manager, Joe Gould(Paul Giamatti)sets-up the match for him with the number two boxer in the world. Nobody gives Braddock a chance, but he shocks everyone with a knockout. Another jolt of good fortune comes his way via his manager and some back-room deal. A match is arranged with the great heavyweight, Max Baer.


Braddock gets the opportunity of a lifetime to fight the greatest heavyweight boxer in the world--Max Baer. With damaged hands, he scores a major upset and defeats Baer. With bone-crunching hits and body slams he wins the contest.

This inspirational tale is about a man’s struggle, simple heroism and dedication to his wife, Mae(Renee Zellweger)and family. He’s a poor kid who becomes a symbol of pride to the world. A true Cinderella Man.