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To the ancient Greeks, charisma was considered a divine gift bestowed by the gods on a select few and so was an innate quality. It was then, and is now, applied to those who are indeed gifted with charm and personal magnetism to a degree not everyone has and this is what sets charismatic people apart. Their allure is so great they seem almost superhuman.

Personality traits

Charismatic people usually possess very high levels of confidence and are able to communicate thoughts and emotions very easily. They are assertive without being aggressive, as this would turn many people away from them, and are able to focus on the task at hand.

However, one needs only to compare Marilyn Monroe with Adolf Hitler to see how differently charisma can be used. Monroe was a very charismatic actress whose gentle appeal is still evident today. Adolf Hitler was also very charismatic but used his control over others to damage and destroy in a shocking abuse of power.

A learned trait

There are those who claim that charisma can be learned and as it is considered a form of authority along with feudal and legal authority, a very desirable quality to have. In the world of entertainment, it is probably true that most successful movie and music stars have that special ‘something’ that sets them apart whether they are physically attractive or not. In the business world, charisma is also a highly sought after characteristic.