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The catwalk is a narrow platform that is elevated and is used by models to show clothing and other accessories during the course of a fashion show. The catwalk can be considered to be a type of stage or runway. In the early half of the twentieth century models were considered to be of low morals and thus modeling was considered to not be the job for any so-called nice girl.


The catwalk in history can be traced to the turn of the twentieth century. The first fashion shows are hard to identify but documentation exists from 1885 that show four women modeling clothes. The models for modesty were required to wear wrist-length black or white underclothing. The first catwalk shows were not photographed as photographers were banned from attending. From the 1930s the designers were inviting the elite to the shows but the shows were not as formalized as today and had a more casual approach.

It did not take long for designers to realize the value of photographing these shows. Photographs are highly marketable and allowing photographers into the shows as well as more people would increase the marketability of the products being displayed.


In the past the models were not considered important to the demonstration of designs. In early photographs there are pictures of the models from the neck down. The career of being a model was also considered immoral and second rate. With the advent of catwalk shows and the use of photographs of entire models the popularity of the field grew. Audiences had their favorite face and models became high profile individuals. Today models make substantial salaries and many are considered to be celebrities in their own right. Some have also outshone the popularity of the designers they work for.