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As the name implies, a cat fight is a physical fight between two, or more, cats. Consisting mainly of slapping, kicking and grappling, catfights occur for several reasons. Kittens will playfight for practice. Adult cats fight to protect their young, to protect mating rights and to defend their territory.

Distinguishing play from real fighting

It can often be difficult to tell if cats are just playing, or if they are really fighting. There are a few indicators one can watch for to determine if a fight is real and if the cats are posing a danger to each other. Continuous hissing and/or screaming is a sign of real hostility. One cat being overly dominant is also a sign of real aggression. In playfights, cats will usually take turns in the dominant role.

Playfighting is normal and the cats should be left to their fun. However, because of the possibility of disease transmission, in addition to potential injury to the cats, stopping real fight should be attempted. The best way to separate fighting cats is with the use of distraction. Making a loud noise or dropping something nearby will usually suffice. It is never a good idea to try and separate them by force, as this usually results in the aggression being turned toward the human. If it does not work, however, it’s good to know that cats, ‘’usually’’, don’t do much more harm than a few scratches to each other.

Human catfights

As this name implies, human catfights are fights between people, almost always women. Catfight, in this sense, is a slang term used to describe actual physical fights, verbal assaults and general unpleasantness between women. It often has a sexual connotation attached to it, and is popular subject matter in pornography as well as mainstream television and movies. Many talk shows encourage catfights in an attempt to boost ratings, and some television commercials have used catfights in product promotions. Televisions sitcoms, movies and pay-per-view sporting events all use the subject, in one form or another, to entertain and attract new viewers. When famous, or nearly famous, women resort to physical violence, it is usually considered ‘’news’’, and may even give a boost to the popularity of the celebrities involved.