Cast Away

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With his plane coming down, Chuck Nolan is the sole survivor on an island that lacks in so many areas. He became a cast away from the world he lived for. There is a level of realism in these movies that it is actually uncanny.



The only other main character was a ball that was named Wilson and had a hand print as a face. This self contained character had a formed personality that was within Chuck Nolan and was fleshed out by Tom Hank’s ability to convey the personality of Wilson not just through the monolog, but also in his mastery of mannerisms and expressions.


There was a minor duality in this movie when Chuck is working in the beginning the job he has and the packages dominate his live, and yet it is that dominance that strands him. Plus it also saves him from a possible death when all that he has were packages and no real means of food.


In many ways this movie is a reflective What if in the setting plus it shows a form of Lord of the Flies, as Chuck remains on the island develops a friend in Wilson and with Wilson Nolan sates a need for others. With the bond between Nolan and the imaginary Wilson, the makers of this movie show how Nolan is able to cope with forced isolation and the prevention of insanity that it can cause in a person. The bond between Wilson and Nolan is seen initially as a means to pass the time and then it becomes a means of survival in his own mind’s eye Wilson effectively becomes real.


With one major ditch effort, Nolan and Wilson make a run for it and Wilson is lost at sea, yet it is at this point that Nolan is saved by a passing ship. Nolan must now face that he is back home, yet after four years, his life forever changed.