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A casino is an establishment that may offer entertainment and dining, but its primary activity is gambling. Casinos are strictly regulated and are illegal in many U.S. states. Gaming Control Boards regulate casinos within a specific geographic region, usually a state. The Gaming Control Boards enforce the rules created by the local legislature, and grant, or deny, licenses to gaming establishments. Casinos exist in many forms. Some are land-based, some are boats that may, or may not travel while in operation. Native American gambling enterprises are located on Indian Reservations, and operate outside their state regulations. Online casinos, also called ‘’virtual casinos’’, allow users to participate in casino games through the Internet. The odds and payouts are comparable to traditional ‘’brick and mortar’’ casinos.


Originally meaning a small villa, built for pleasure, the word casino now generally refers to public places that offer gambling. A few of the original type of casino still exist. Villa Giula and Villa Famese are this type of casino, built on the grounds of a much later Italian villa or palazzo.


Security has always been of utmost importance to a casino. Surveillance cameras, and highly trained staff, monitor the premises twenty-four hours a day. They watch for cheating by both players and employees alike.

Games and entertainment

Casino games may include many varieties of poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, bingo and slot machines. Many casinos offer more than gambling. Live entertainment is a popular pass time in casinos as well. All varieties of restaurant, in all price ranges can be found in and around casinos as well. For those who wish to partake, shopping and personal services, such as private massages, are also available. For the person who spends a lot of money gambling, sometimes called ‘’high rollers’’, some of these amenities come at no charge. Casinos often reward big spenders with free gifts, and services, to encourage continued play or repeat visits.