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Cartography is a spatial skill of creating maps that are relative to what the actual lands layout is. It is effectively to read and also to create maps. This has been one of the skills that has served explorers and sailors on many occasions.

In the name

Cartography is a Greek word that breaks down as such: Chartis=Map and graphein = write. So to simplify, it means to write map, or create a map. That is exactly what Cartography is, a means of generating a reliable map that can show all the know locations that are listed on the map or globe.


Computer have revolutionized the art of cartography, as they as better suited than paper in determining spatial values and can keep the distances relative to what they really are. Plus, computers are capable of drawing information from outside sources such as satellite images to make a real perspective of a location.

Most commercial quality maps are now created with cartography software that falls into one of three software types: CAD, GIS, and specialized map illustration software.

Purpose of maps

Maps function as visualization tools for spatial data. Spatial data is acquired from measurement and can be stored in a database, from which it can be extracted for a variety of imaging purposes or spatial data for demographical imaging. Current trends in this field are moving away from analog methods of mapmaking and toward the creation of increasingly dynamic, interactive maps that can be directly manipulated digitally. Many of these spatial images are in a three dimensional configuration.

The cartographic process rests on the premise that the world is geometrically measurable and that we can make reliable and consistent representations of that perception. Cartography involves advanced mathematical skills and an aptitude for spatial science. It is also need to comprehend symbols and their use to represent certain geographic phenomena. There is also a strong need to keep relative the ratio of downgrading areas based on a consistent and relevant ratio for a viewable map design.