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Cannes is a small town off the Riviera and within the metropolitan boundaries of Nice. Unlike Nice, Cannes has lush beaches and is part of the Maritime Alps. Yet this visual beauty also is a technological hub and intermediary for various transits ranging from electric bus to trains. The trains use Cannes as a link between Marseille straight through to Italy.

Cannes was a rather small town of little significance, baring only a small base of agricultural and fishing as any means of sustaining themselves or any commerce. The only real stability that made Cannes endure was the Lérins monastery. This was to remain as such until the early 19th century. As various aristocrats founded homes in Cannes, this once small community gained a flux of not just higher French blood, but those from various other countries. The key man responsible for this development was Lord Henry Peter Brougham, a politician by trade. He not only bought land in Cannes, but utilized his various contacts in France to help develop the area, which soon became a vacation resort for the rich.

The Cannes Festival and its respective impact

Unlike the feudal town of the 17th century, the modern Cannes is the center of the Cannes Film Festival and various other events that are in some direct or indirect means related to it. The Cannes Film Festival, with two incepted births, one that was in 1939 prior to World War II and the second in 1946 has been the gathering of movie stars known locally and internationally. With Hôtel de Ville and Carlton Hotel assisting in setting a standard, Cannes has become of high caliber resort town of sorts. Typically a resort town shows a commodity that is sought after. With the geographical locations, the natural beauty, and the Film Festival and it’s relative events in Television and film Cannes has reached a status as such. As with any resort locale the accessibility is affected and so is the price. A train ride to Cannes from Nice’s international airport may take only 30 minutes, but also can cost 60 Euros just to arrive into this town.