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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and is located at 30°2' North, 31°13' East. The official arabic name of the city is Al-Qāhirah (meaning “The Subduer” or “The Victorious”) but locally it is called Mişr. The metropolitan population is about 15.2 million, making it the world’s 10th most populous metropolitan area (as of 2004).

Cairo is now the most populous city in Africa is the cultural hub of the Arab World. 19th century onwards, tourists have been attracted to the Pyramids and artifacts of Ancient Egypt. The export of these treasures is banned and hence The Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains rare and unique relics.



Cairo is located in the northern part of Egypt on the banks of River Nile. The oldest part of the city lies east of the river. From there, it spreads towards the west encompassing the agricultural lands next to the Nile. The eastern part of the city, being old, is filled with narrow lanes and crowded tenements. It also contains numerous ancient mosques which serve as landmarks. The western part has been built on the model of Paris as given by Ismail the Magnificient. Thus, it is characterized by open spaces, wide boulevards and public gardens. Government buildings and modern buildings are mainly situated in western Cairo.


The chief districts of Cairo are :

1. Agouza 2. Abbassia 3. Ain Shams 4. Bulaq 5. Dokki 6. Downtown Cairo 7. El-Manial 8. El-Marg 9. El. Quba 10. El – Tagamu 11. El Khames 12. Embaba 13. Garden City 14. Giza 14. Haram 15. Heliopolis 16. Islamic Cario 17. Kerdasa 18. Maadi 19. Mataria 20. Mohandessin 21. Mugatam 22. Nasr City 23. Old Cario 24. Rhoda 25. Shoubra 26. Shubra El Khiema 27. Zaitun 28. Zamalek


Cairo is the main center for medical treatment in Egypt. Some famous hospitals are :

  • Ain-Shams University Hospital
  • Al-Salam International Hospital
  • Qasr El Ainy General Hospital

Cairo is also the chief center for education in Egypt as well as the Arab world having the largest number of educational institutions. Some of its universities are :

  • Al-Azhar University
  • Ain Shams University
  • American University in Cairo
  • Arab Academy for Sciences & Technology and Maritime Transport
  • Cairo University
  • Modern Academy in Maadi
  • Modern University for Science & Technology (MSA)
  • Misr International University

Famous Cairenes

  • Boutros Boutros Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, was born in Cairo.
  • Omar Sharif, Actor
  • Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • Maimonides, Talmudic scholar and court physician to Saladin
  • Ahmed H. Zewail, Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureate