Bulk mail

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Bulk mail is the delivering by postal mail a large quantities of letters, free samples, audio and video packages, Internet software, or package. Usually these packages are stamped at a reduced rate, and often are meant for promotional and informational purposes.

Bulk mailings are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise to a large volume of people. It cost way less to reach a million people by mail than it does to reach them by television.

The disadvantage of bulk mail marketing is that it is annoying to most people. Furthermore, a person is often reluctant to respond to a mail order ad for fear of it not being legitimate, and instead do business with local vendors or people they already know.

However, these people may decide that a produce is useful to them. One of the best examples is the free trial to Internet services. This is great for people who do not know which Internet server to buy, and can explore the service for free. A person can only receive so many of these offers, though, before they become a huge quantity of waste.

Therefore, many companies are now choosing to advertise down loadable products over the Internet, and this saves on trees being chopped down to package bulk mail, otherwise known as junk mail. Many households are thankful for this because they experience less household clutter.

Mailing list removal

If a person would like to be removed from a mailing list and that person lives in the United States, that person can contact Junk busters. This will remove them from the USA Direct Marketing Association list, and other mailing lists. Similarly, In the United Kingdom citizens can sign up with to be removed from over 95% of the mailing lists within that region.

Marketing protocol

Bulk mail is not necessarily even because some people think it is annoying. However, there is a right and wrong way to use this marketing medium.

The use of bulk mail marketing can be profitable when planned right. That is why some companies do market research before sending out bulk mailings. This will help them target better to whom to send the advertisements.

If a person chooses to use the bulk mailing medium, it is best to be as conservative as possible. A post card with a brief description of the company's businesses and services, as well as contact information would be ideal. Along with that, it is wise for a company to make sure it knows how to spell all the names on the list correctly. This will give an advertiser an edge over its competitors, and will help produce more for that company.

Bulk mailings can be useful. However, advertisers just need to keep in mind that not everyone appreciates them. Therefore, that company should be careful when using bulk mailings as an advertising medium, and only send out what is absolutely necessary.