Bubble boy

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Bubble Boy is a film comedy released in 2001 that although created as a result of the true experiences of Ted DeVita and David Vetter, who suffered from a medical condition causing them to live in isolation from all human physical contact. Their story gained national attention in the 1970s.

The plot of the movie is that a woman whom Bubble Boy loves is planning to be married in Niagara Falls. He devises a plan in which he will go to Niagara Falls in order to stop the wedding. In order to put the plan into action, it is necessary for Bubble Boy to move from his room in a plastic bubble. Along the way, he encounters many people who share in common regret resulting from not following love earlier in their lives.

Through the use of interesting characters, the film achieved its goal of telling people to follow their goals, regardless of the past and to go after the people they love. Some of the characters included Jimmy Livingston, played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Mrs. Livingston (Jimmy’s mother) played by Swoosie Kurtz.

This film satirically portrayed several religions:

Other Films

John Travolta starred in a film early in his career, entitled The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. This made for television movie enlightened the public to the strife faced by those with the same medical condition as the real boys who suffered.