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In a wedding ceremony, the female participant is called a bride. 'Bride' comes from the Teutonic word that is used for a cook.

Bridal party

A bride is attended to by the members of her half of the wedding party. She typically has one maid of honor, usually her best friend or sibling and several bridesmaids, also usually friends or family members. Her male equivalent is a bridegroom, also commonly referred to as a groom. His party consists of the best man and groomsmen, usually equal in number to the bridal party.


Before a bride can officially become the wife of the groom (often by adopting the surname of the groom and calling herself Mrs.), she must take part in a wedding ceremony. This procedure may take place in either a religious or civil ceremony.

In some cultures, the couple is required to consummate their marriage before it will be recognized. This requires successful sexual intercourse.


In both Europe and North America a bride typically wears a formal dress. White is the traditional color for a first marriage, to indicate purity and etiquette indicates that it should only be worn for a first marriage. This, however, is often ignored and brides will wear white in subsequent marriages. A bride’s gown is traditionally enhanced by a veil (to symbolize virginity) and a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes, she may wear a garter.