Bon Jovi

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There are few bands that have a lead singer that has been both loved and hated as much as Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is a rock group that calls in New Jersey as well. They have been around since 1983 and are considered to be hard rock and hair metal genres.


Early years

Through a series of music related experiences, bon Jovi discovered this style of music that he liked and the direction that he wanted to pursue. Through the gathering of all the band members on Bon Jovi created the band which is also called bon Jovi.

Slippery when wet

The first two albums that bon Jovi released were good, but never gained the recognition that the band sought. The third album, however, slippery when wet, gave the band superstardom worldwide. Three songs on the album word instant hits the songs were: you give love a bad name, live in on a prayer, and wanted dead are alive. Despite the controversy over the origin of the album's name, there is no controversy over the success of the Album. Have the album has sold in excess of 12 million copies since its release in 1986.

New Jersey

The next album by bon Jovi was New Jersey which was released in 1988. The album came out almost immediately after slippery when wet tour was over. This was the band's attempt to prove that they are not the one hit wonder. New Jersey has hit songs as well, such as: bad medicine, and lay your hands on me. These two songs are still being performed by bon Jovi to date .after new jersey was released the band took a healthy break and didn't do anything until 1990’s.

Nineteen nineties

During this time the band when their separate ways until 1992. Bon Jovi, himself, did sell a work such as the song blaze of glory which earned him an academy award nomination for best song, four young guns two, and he also won a golden globe award for the same song.

Keep the faith

In 1992, the ban reformed and released the album keep the faith. The album showed a more mature sound and lyrical content then what was on their previous albums. Much of the music that was on this album became hit singles such as: that of roses, keep the faith, in these are arms. There were other songs that didn't make public popularity but in many people's eyes including critics are some of the band's best work. The songs would be dry country and I believe.


Bond shall be released a greatest hits album that was titled crossroad, unlike other greatest hits albums this one have two new songs on its. These new songs became hits they were Always and someday I'll be Saturday night. This also had different versions of hit songs which were released only on the United States version of this album.

These days

In 1995 the band released their next album which was called these days. In this album on Jovi tech and even more mature rock sound than what was then keep the faith. The style was darker and more down beat than usual for bon Jovi. On this album only one song was considered a hit.

Throughout the nineties bon Jovi had proven that they were of force in music during this time bon Jovi himself was also becoming an established actor.

During the 2000 timeframe the band when an extended two are throughout 2000 all the way to tell 2001 they released a live rendition of this. Much of their music has gained the attention of the younger crowd and this gave the band an opportunity to a larger market. From 2000 to 2002 the band released two albums one was called crush any illness called bounce. Crush was a success and bounds struggled to gain the claim that crash had received. Over the Span of the next and four years Bon Jovi would release a number of albums two or three Japan, Europe, and the United States. They would gain a standing that few bands have been able to maintain, not to mention being able to gain. To date the band has released 9 albums, excluding live albums. The band has also released 4 live for compilation albums.