Blues Traveler

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Blues Traveler is a jam band from Princeton, New Jersey. Members include John Popper (lead vocals and harmonica), Chan Kinchla (guitar), Tad Kinchla (bass), Brendan Hill (drums), and Ben Wilson (keyboards). Tad and Ben both joined the band when the original bassist, Bobby Sheehan, died of a drug overdose in 1999.

Recording history

Blues Traveler became popular with the release of their fourth album appropriately titled Four. Two hit songs, Run Around and Hook, received loads of airplay on radio stations throughout the country. The albums that followed in the '90's were not as well received as Four. In 2001 their record label, A&M, dropped them. The band took the time off and was able to move the band in a new direction. During this time John Popper, who at one point weighed 420 pounds, had gastric bypass surgery and is no longer obese. The band signed with Sanctuary Records and released Truth Be Told in 2003. In 2005, the released their latest entitled Bastardos.


  • Unlike most bands, Blues Traveler encourages its fans to videotape concerts and distribute copies of their shows.
  • The band appeared on an episode of the television show Roseanne as the fictional band that Dan Connor used to be in. Later, Blues Traveler recorded the show's theme song.
  • The band was the topic of one episode of VH1' Behind the Music.
  • The band is set to remake the theme of the popular television show Sanford and Son.
  • The band has released 13 albums.