Blind Melon

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Blind Melon is the compilation of Shannon Hoon, Christopher Thorn, Rogers Stevens, Brad Smith, and Glenn Graham. They were the band that would hit charts fast and end in a quick fashion. The remaining member after Hoon’s death kept releasing material until 2006.



The name Blind Melon is in reference to Hippies and what Smith’s father would say about them. He would cal them Blind Melon Chitlin which was a fictional character from the self-titled Cheech and Chong LP.

Base history

Blind Melon signed onto Capitol Records in 1991. They recorded an unreleased demo. They then began their second official album in New Orleans. Hoon would later admit that he had no memory of the recording due to his addictions to cocaine and alcohol. This album would be the one that would give them their immediate fame and the brand of the Bee Girl.

Popularity in mineral

Their album was so popular that it went platinum four times over. This is not only a rarity, but also unheard of for a first album.


In 1995, Hoon’s drug counselor had advised that he not do any tours due to his addictions. The popularity of the band made it a difficult choice and Hoon decided to chance it and go. On the 21st of October Hoon was found dead by a cocaine drug overdose.

The band still has released various material under the name Blind Melon, but it is material that was unreleased and was in one form or another completed. The main one was Nico, which the profits went to a program that helps musicians with drug and alcohol addictions.

The remaining band members tried to continue the band, but eventually went their separate ways. On 1999, the band was officially disbanded. In 2002, Classic Master CD was released as greatest hits. Due to the high sales, The Best of Blind Melon was released in 2005 and in 2006 Live At The Palace CD.