Black eye

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A black eye is an eye injury characterized by a bruising around one or both eyes. These injuries appear due to a physical shock and are not too severe. They got their name from the color of the skin around the eye, which becomes darkened as the blood enters the subcutaneous tissue due to small internal bleedings of the capillaries. Black eye injuries heal themselves after about a week.

A black eye injury is not connected with an injury of the ocular system itself. The skin around the eye is more sensible to physical shocks, which causes the damage to seem as extensive and severe, but in fact it is only minor and does not threat the victim's life or vision. Some people choose to offer some more attention to it simply because of its aesthetic impact, as it is otherwise only a minor affection.

Cultural importance

The black eye injury is of a more serious importance to mainstream culture than medical practice. From a medical point of view it is nothing but a minor bruise (although typical complications for bruises may occur occasionally). However, black eye injuries are often associated with extreme violent behavior, familial abuse and antisocial behavior, making it seem more serious than it actually is.