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Bimbo is short for the term body impressive brain optional; this is where the term gains its definition of a woman that is stupid and lacking common sense. A typical bimbo is one that would be also in some cases attractive physically. This is not always the case, but in stereotype terms it is common. Then over shown of bimbo would be himbo.

Defining bimbo

Bimbo is a state of mind, or the lack thereof. A person who is considered to be up bimbo is a person who exaggerates the effort and value to put into her physical Appearance. Bimbo with sex appeal was the standard for nineteen nineties sitcoms in the United States. Such characters like Kelly Bundy, from married . . . With children, are the perfect example of such a character. Probably the ultimate standard of what a bimbo is an appearance would be many of the naive characters that the late great Marilyn Monroe played. Regrettably, it was probably Marilyn Monroe that was the punch line for a lot of the blonde jokes that started so many years ago.


The term bimbo gained popularity in the late nineteen nineties, but the fact that this slang term is still being used signifies that it's not just a fad term. It also shows that even at the trend that the word bimbo started with has come and gone, but the term of itself still has meaning into today's society.

That arm itself has seen itself began to be used not just for blondes or for vapid women, but it has also begun to be used for certain nationalities. In many respects, this is not only a somber reality, but also startling that this term is still around and is now broadened to include more people.