Bewitched (film)

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A fading movie star wants to remake the popular TV series. His intention is to finds the ideal woman to play the role of a witch and his wife. He finds an unknown. But he wants the focus to be on himself and not on his new discovery. He runs into problems.


A woman, Isabel(Nicole Kidman)is a witch who just wants to be a regular housewife in the suburbs. She would prefer to ignore her background as a witch and lead a normal life.

A Hollywood star, Jack Wyatt(Will Ferrell)has had a few box office bombs, a few bad movies, and is looking to re-invent his career, stop the slide to get himself back in the spotlight.


Jack discovers Isabel as his “Samantha.” He convinces her to take the role. She has no experience, but agrees to become the witch/wife, anyway. Of course, Jack has no idea that she is a real witch. He doesn’t realize what he’s bargained for.

Jack wants a co-star who will keep him in the spotlight. She wants a little more than to just play the witch. And she doesn’t make it easy for him.

Production facts

1. The film is not about the re-making of the series, but how the characters were developed in the series.

2. Visibly, there is a sitcom feel to the film as if it had been produced in the seventies.