Banana Republic

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Banana Republic is an upscale clothing store for both professional men and women. It is also a store where causal clothes can be purchased for a relaxing picnic or a day at the beach. All of Banana Republic clothes and accessories can be purchased at a reasonable price. Banana Republic also has many varieties of products to choose from for people on a budget.


The first Banana Republic opened in 1978 and sold mainly safari and travel clothing. The company’s major sales, at that time came from customers that loved browsing and shopping with a catalog that had fictional stories and exotic locations to go with it. Sometimes the decorations in Banana Republic stores looked like a jungle with its fake palm trees. Banana Republic became an upscale clothing retailer in 1983.


The company has over 400 in the United States alone. Banana Republic is known worldwide because it is also in Canada and Japan. The store offer petite clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Customers can buy Denim, clothes that resemble the art deco and bohemian style. Banana Republic also is one of the sponsors of Project Runway. The designers have created two outfits for Banana Republic that will be for the winter and spring lines. The outfits will be sold in select stores and online. The winner of Project Runway gets a mentorship with the Banana Republic design team