Backpacking (travel)

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Backpack load
Backpack load

Backpacking is the term used for traveling and seeing the world and really experiencing a country without spending a fortune. Backpacking literally means carrying all the needs of the travel on the back in a single pack and staying in hostels. It is an experience that takes international travel to a new level for people around the world. It is the way that individuals who are young at heart can indulge their dreams of seeing the world, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures.


The backpacking culture has been developed and refined over the years by, independent travelers who are intent on getting the most out of their stay in a foreign country. Backpacking first came into vogue during the 1970s when most countries introduced economy fares in their airlines. India and South Asia became the favorite destinations of the backpackers, countries that had hitherto been out of reach of the conventional traveler. It was around this time that the first guidebooks on economy travel came out making travel a possibility for almost anyone who had the courage to see the world on a shoestring budget.

Lately, Australia and New Zealand have emerged as places from where people like to backpack travel the most.

Some musts

There are certain basic features of backpacking travel that are true in most cases. Backpackers travel on a tight budget and generally travel alone or with one or two companions. They generally like to stay in hostels that provide basic lodging in a room with one or two more backpackers. This kind of travel requires time and cannot be accomplished over one casual weekend. It always pays to plan the trip in advance and book air tickets in accordance. A prudent backpacker also packs a guide book, personal effects and their ATM/ Debit cards. Passports and visas need to be put in safe places and it is always better to get hostel memberships to cash in on membership rebates.

Favorite destinations

  1. Western Europe has emerged as a favorite in recent years;
  2. Goa and Rajasthan (India) are very popular destinations for all tourists;
  3. Morocco;
  4. Bangkok, Thailand; and,
  5. South American countries.