Bachelor party

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A bachelor party is held shortly before a man marries. Bachelor parties are also often referred to as stag nights or stag parties. In Australia, it is a bucks party. Women have bachelorette parties, also known as hen nights.

Bachelor party events

A bachelor party is typically an event that allows a man to engage in activities his new wife may not approve of or may not regularly allow. Bachelor parties are usually organized by the best man or male sibling of the groom to be. It can also be a chance for a man to bond with his male friends before the stress of a wedding. It should be timed well enough ahead of the wedding that the man is not hungover or tired during the ceremony.

Events at a bachelor party can include drinking, gambling, visiting a strip club or hiring a stripper and more. These events have led to countless comic movie and television moments. Typically gag gifts are involved, or events are planned to embarrass the man of honor.

Bachelor parties around the world

Traditions and customs of bachelor parties vary by country and culture.

  • In the United Kingdom the party may last for many evenings, causing it to be commonly termed a “stag weekend.” Often this involves a trip to Prague. Usually the weekend involves a comedian and some strippers.
  • Atlantic City and Las Vegas are popular destinations for bachelor parties in the United States.
  • Montreal is a popular Canadian destination, mostly because it has a large number of relaxed strip clubs.