Baby on Board

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The Baby On Board sign originated in September 1984, when it was marketed by Safety 1st Corporation in an effort to stop people from tailgating cars containing young children. The sign became a popular fad in the year 1985. Imitations appeared on the market starting in 1986. Typical lines on the knock-off signs included “Newlyweds on Board” for the just married, and “Mother-in-Law in Trunk”, for humerous husbands. After the introduction of the sign, the founding company branched out and became eventually very well known for its other child and baby products.

According to urban legend, it was the death of a baby that caused the inventor to get the idea for the signs. However, says that the story surrounding this particular baby's death is not verifable [1]. Michael Lerner, the founder of Safety 1st expounded op the popularity of such signs in Europe when he decided to market them in the U.S.

Regardless of the reason for their design, the Baby on Board sign has entered the American culture. A 1993 episode of The Simpsons featured a barbershop quartet tune entitled Baby On Board, which included the lyrics "each trip's a trip to paradise, with my baby on board".